Cumberbatch Is Given 60 Seconds To Imitate A Bunch Of Celebrities – He Does Not Fail To Impress

When is Benedict going to give us more than 60 seconds of this wonderful talent of his?

During an MTV interview about his upcoming movie “The Imitation Game,” Benedict Cumberbatch was given 60 seconds to do impressions of all sorts of characters – which perfectly fits with the running theme of the movie’s title.

But it’s no game when one British heartthrob does an impression of another British heartthrob – yes, they did indeed ask Benedict to impersonate Tom Hiddlesont. This will probably melt the hearts of the all the Sherlock/Loki fan girls out there.

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There’s also a cameo appearance of Bane – the villain from Batman with a funny voice. And even better, Benedict is asked to bring out his inner pop princess right at the end and tries to do an impression of Taylor Swift.

Watch the entire clip to see how many more of your favorite celebrities made it on the list. Or just to see how awesomely talented the Sherlock star is in doing Hollywood impressions.

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