Benedict Cumberbatch Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge Way Too Far

The 'Sherlock' star can't solve the mystery of the many, many ice buckets.

Think you can't escape the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Tell that to Benedict Cumberbatch.

Even Sherlock can't figure a way out of this mess as the challenge keeps coming and coming and coming. Cumberbatch just can't catch a bit of warm air as no matter what he's trying to do ends with icy water thrown on him.

Ice water never looked so refreshing. For the money wet T-shirt shot, skip ahead to 1:52 ... just sayin'. 

Cumberbatch took the challenge for the United Kingdom's Motor Neurone Disease Association, where he's an ambassador. Motor neuron disease is the same thing as ALS -- amyotrophiclateral sclerosis. It kills off neurons and eventually prevents its victims from moving, speaking, swallowing and even breathing. All the while, they're very aware of what's happening, making ALS something like a "glass coffin."

As of Friday, the Ice Bucket Challenge raised $53 million for the ALS Association in the U.S. The Motor Neurone Disease Association is encouraging its Ice Bucket Challenge participants to donate £5. 

To give to the ALS Association, visit the online donation page

Donate online to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, text ICED55 followed by an amount (such as £5) to 70070 (U.K. only) or call 01604 611860 referencing the Ice Bucket Challenge. 

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