Kiss Cam Captures Chicago Mascot Saving A Celtic Fan’s Girlfriend

Uh oh, there’s trouble in paradise. But have no fear because Benny the Bull saved the day!

The latest gimmick at a basketball game involved a dose of trouble in paradise and a love triangle between a bickering couple and a Celtics mascot, who rescued the girl by literally stealing her away from her boyfriend.

It was all happened while thousands of fans were cheering their favored team during the game between the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls at the United Center in Chicago.

Then, during the kiss cam, while couples indulged in the silly romantic tradition, one couple couldn’t stop indulging in a lovers' spat long enough to partake.

That’s when Benny the Bull stepped in to save the day.

While it’s been reported that was a stunt pulled off for the sake of publicity, you can’t help but chuckle as the Chicago mascot steals away a Celtic fan’s girlfriend, right under his nose.

It’s tough love for the Celtics fan who was too busy on his phone.

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