5 Awe-inspiring Ad Campaigns From the Cannes Lions

Some amazing ad campaigns we are sure will win at the Cannes Lions.

The Cannes Lions is the world's biggest annual awards show

that celebrates creativity in communications. Because we think ads are made for the audiences, its those that can touch human emotions in a spectacular way that have grabbed our attention.

Cannes is one of the most prestigious awards an ad campaign can win. Whether it is the wow-factor of technology, the video editing of the ad campaign, or the heart-wrenching topics they cover, these videos are ones you don't want to miss! 

5) British Airways - London

We know how far technology has come and yet this simple use of it amazes us. How does this little boy know which airline is flying above him? A short and simple yet absolutely creative campaign in London by British Airways is the cutest on the Cannes short-list.

4) Lemz, Amsterdam, Child trafficking

A 10-year old Phillipino girl takes us on her heart-breaking journey in the online world of pedophilia. Watch how she has helped track down thousands of pedophiles. Although a docu-story, the topic is so real and painful, we bet everyone would want to know what this girl is doing right?

3) Drug driving - Coloured

Dads are great but not when they are drug driving. Comically done and with some great acting, this ad touches on a deeply disturbing issue in an easily digestible way. This is bound to appeal to every one. If only we realized how much our children are seeing in us!  

2) Adidas – USA, Africans,

There's nothing better than an ad that appeals to all your senses – the music, the camera work, the editing, the celebrity factor and the passion for basketball are all well meshed in this Adidas ad. And what a fun way to win some Derrick Rose signed sneakers!

1) Intel – Prosthetic, South Sudan

You can't walk away from this ad without breaking a tear or two. An awe-inspiring campaign that shows how technology can even teach people to make their own prosthetic arms! Next time, you hear of the inhumanity in the world, you won't just walk away saying “well that's too bad!”

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