Shocking Moment When A Biker Runs Down A Man On Live TV

Now here is a reporter with nerves of steel. The dramatic footage above shows Britain’s ITV News reporter Ria Chatterjee reporting live from outside London's St Pancras International train station about delays on the Eurostar when a man crossing the street is hit by a motorcycle in the background.

The pedestrian is thrown to the ground as the bike slides to a stop from the impact, and passersby rush to help.  But though the entire accident is caught on camera, the reporter went on with the report, offering nary a flinch or an eye blink. It’s hard to guess whether she ignored the accident on purpose or was genuinely unaware of it, but it’s amazing to see her continue reporting as if nothing out of ordinary had occurred.

Thankfully, the station reported both the rider and pedestrian were fine.

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