These Bikers Saved An Adorable Little Pooch On The Highway

Despite their tough exteriors, these bikers have hearts of gold.

Bikers are often associated with violence and crime but this particular posse shatters all the stereotypes.

Captured on a head-mounted camera, the footage posted above shows a bunch of bikers in leather jackets and black helmets, chasing after a little pooch on the highway.

As it appears, the dog jumped from the open window of its owner’s car. The bikers spotted the loose dog and formed a human barrier to save the skittish pet from heavy traffic. The video perfectly captures the bikers’ struggle to scoop the dog and get it out of the harm’s way.

It was a good thing these guys were around to lend their services and save the day – just imagine how relieved the owner must be that this adventurous dog was returned unscathed.

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