Money Isn’t The Only Thing That Makes Bill Gates A Class Apart

Bill Gates is worth billions of dollars, but his worth as a person goes way beyond what can be described in monetary terms.

Co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates is officially a sexagenarian. As the world’s richest man turns 60, here’s a few things about him that go to prove he is worth so much more than what he owns.

1. 6 million people owe their lives to Bill Gates because his programs provide them with vaccines and improved healthcare.

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2. Even with a net worth of US$36 billion in 1997, Bill Gates still flew coach. (He later got his own aircraft.)

3. The Gates' estate is 66,000 square feet, features a trampoline room, and can accommodate 200 guests. It also has 24 bathrooms, six kitchens and took seven years to build.

4. The only thing left on Bill Gates' bucket list is – NOT TO DIE.

5. Gates, although heavily involved in charity work, also works with Microsoft to create a “Personal Agent,” which he claims will remember everything and assist people in picking and paying attention to certain things.

Bill Gates has worked along with his wife to address various issues around the world such as global health, education and treatment for diseases etc, and plans to spend his life indulging in philanthropic activities with his foundation.

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