Would You Implant LED Lights Beneath Your Skin Like These People?

You should probably have a better reason for sticking a light under your skin than this.


How do I sign up for the Northstar 2.0? #sortofkiddingbutnotreally #northstar #biohacking #nerdist @nerdist

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Oh my, your skin is positively glowing. No really. It's glowing. 

Biohackers, known for altering their bodies with implantable technology, launched a new trend by planting a device called Northstar V1 under their skin.

The chip, the size of a small coin, is designed to create bioluminescence, and when activated by a magnet, this LED light will light up in the shape of a star.

Since such surgeries go against the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians, biohackers often carry out these procedures themselves or have body modification artists do the job for them.

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Interestingly, one of the three biohacking enthusiasts was Tim Cannon, the founder of Grindhouse Wetwear, the company that actually came up with the device. He did something similar to himself two years ago when he got a device named Circadia, the size of a cigarette pack inserted under the skin of his arm. It was designed to record data from his body and transfer it to an Android-powered mobile device. 

People who saw the LED lights of the device glowing from under his skin got excited and wanted something similar for themselves.

“They asked for them to be made available. We obliged. So, yes, this version of Northstar simply lights up,” says Canon. The Northstar V1 device is popular among people who wish to light up their tattoos and is used purely for aesthetic purposes.

According to Grindhouse Wetwear, Northstar Version 2 will be a “rechargeable device that adds gesture recognition and Bluetooth capabilities, enabling users to control electronic devices with hand movements, as well as add patterns or color variations to LED.”

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This all, frankly, seems crazy. Putting a foreign body in your skin is dangerous amd when it's done just for aesthetics, it's dumb to boot. Still, people have been going under the knife for years to modify parts of their body.

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