Bitter Ex Saws Joint Possessions in Half And Sells Them On Ebay

One man took "split assets down the middle" too literally following a divorce.

Everyone is familiar with the phrase "split everything right down the middle." The notion comes up frequently during divorces proceedings when there's no prenuptial agreement. but one German man has taken that phrase to its literal and glorious extreme. 

For Laurla, für laura

Ebay user “der.juli” has cut a number of items right in half after following what can only be assumed was a bitter divorce. He also uploaded a Youtube video of the process of cleaving the items in two called “For Laurla.” The video’s caption in German reads “Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful’ years Laura!!! You’ve really earned half.” He goes on to say that she cheated on him with co-workers.

Anyone who is interested in the half-items can take a look at his Ebay store and see if they have a need for half a bicycle, half a car or a creepy half of a teddy bear. Other items include half a sofa, half a television and half of an Apple MacBook Pro which is an absolute steal at only $55.16.

In my opinion, the [sawing] is the perfect solution for users who want to save space, but cannot afford a MacBook Air,” says der.juli in German. “It has a unique look, with which [the owner will be the] hip king of the cafe.

The man states in his Ebay page that he has already sent his ex-wife all the other halves as “the court” has ruled that she is entitled to half of their belongings.

German man cuts iPhone, TV, car in half after breakup

The lesson here is to have a good prenuptial agreement and if not, to take your things with you unless you want to receive half an Iphone in the mail.

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