9 Things That Are Insane, But Not Illegal, In Some U.S. States

We kid you not! There are places that have no laws against some of the craziest things.

It's OK To Drive Drunk

Driving under the influence kills around 10,000 people each year, and while most states have laws against it, Mississippi doesn't.


It's OK To Get Shi*-Faced With Your Kids

As per a 2013 judgment by the Massachusetts State Supreme Judicial Court, parents won't face any legal repercussions if they allow their children to consume alcohol on their own premises.


It's OK To Fire Homosexual Employees

As unbelievable as it may sound, there are 29 states that find it perfectly understandable if an employer fires his employee because of his sexual preference.


It's OK To Have Sex With Animals

Believe it or not, more than a dozen states, including California and Florida, have no problem with its people having sexual intercourse with animals.


It's OK To Send Text Messages While Driving

According to estimates, texting and driving causes 1.3million accidents every year, yet West Virginia doesn't have any laws against this distracting habit.


It's OK To Cruise Around In Your Personal Military Tank

Provided that it's of the right size and fulfills other road requirements, a military tank isn't disallowed for personal, public use in all of the U.S.


It's OK To Fire Away Your Missiles

With a permit from the aeronautics division of the Department of Commerce, no one will dare stop you from firing away your missiles in South Carolina.


It's OK To Discharge Firearms In Your Backyard

As long as your bullets stay within your premises, it isn't a big deal if someone fires away a few shots in their own backyard in Florida.


It's OK To Consume Human Flesh

If a cannibal consumes human flesh in the U.S., he will face charges, but not for eating another human being but for murder, necrophilia and such things.

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