Hilarious Video Shows The Struggle Of A Black Sushi Chef

You'll LOL, but the video does make a very valid point.

This sushi chef is black and when he sees customers doing a double take when they enter his eatery and beat a hasty retreat, he loses it.

Their behavior pushes him over the edge and he lets them have it! What makes them think a black guy can’t be a sushi chef? Insane, isn’t it? It is, until they tell him what startled them in the first place – it was definitely not the color of his skin. Not exactly. 

You’d be rocking with laughter at the end of the video but there is something that rings way too true.

Racism, stereotypes and political correctness, a few things we cannot exempt from our lives these days. Everything and anything has the potential to become politically incorrect.

Sometimes the line between being politically correct or incorrect is way too thin. And let’s face it, it’s also way too easy to jump to the wrong conclusion.

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