White People Show Their Privilege By Hijacking #BlackOnCampus

As a new trending topic bringing black students together gains steam on Twitter, white internet trolls bring negativity to the conversation, proving why the movement is necessary.

A developing hashtag, #BlackOnCampus has begun making waves on Twitter.

Recently, instances of nationwide campus racism have made headlines due to public outrage and protest such as the Mizzou Hunger Strike, Berkeley High Walkout and the Yale Halloween e-mail fiasco.

Black students are now chronicling their personal experiences at schools they’ve attended on Twitter.

The social movement is not only a way of publicizing the systemic racism that gets swept under the rug, but it also is a symbol of solidarity amongst black students who are all enduring the same issues and are banding together to call for change.

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The number of Black students who pursue higher education has historically been low, but in recent years progress has been made and the presence of black students on college campuses has become more visible and the community as a whole has become more vocal. 

The problem is not necessarily that the issues Black students currently face are new; they've  just been ignored for far too long because they only affected an extremely underrepresented group, as is the case with many social problems.

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With the accessibility and popularity of social media, students are taking matters into their own hands to make sure everyone knows what really goes on behind the scenes on America’s campuses. 

Of course ... it wouldn't be a normal day on Twitter if white people didn't chime in to troll the hashtag, further proving exactly why such a form of solidarity is necessary. 

It would seem that black people can't openly speak to the black-American experience, good or bad, without a white person trying to downplay it or make it out to be an attack against them. 

It makes no sense how or why a white person would think they have a right to comment negatively on the experiences of any race other than their own. 

Sorry to burst your bubble privileged white folks, but it's not always about you. 

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