SNL: Blake Shelton Takes Down Hee Haw With A Hilarious Hoedown

Amna Shoaib
Blake Shelton reminisces about the tacky television of the '70s.

Blake Shelton stepped up as both host and musical guest on this week's Saturday Nigh Live, and man was he good!

The guy opened the show by introducing himself as "the Justin Bieber of country music: this little trouble-making cutie." (Well-played, Blake. That's two recent SNL takedowns of Bieber.) He then went on to take down the corniest show in American television history, Hee Haw. But that's an understatement: Shelton grabbed the show by its overall straps and turned it upside down to have you rooting for the corniness.

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In perhaps the most hilarious mockery of the show to date, Shelton launched into a bunch of impossibly lame jokes while strumming his fingers on his guitar.

His performance on the show is guaranteed to make you crack up, and tap your feet to the upbeat country tunes.