A Woman Throws Racist Slurs Towards A Black Man For Starting His Car

WARNING: The video contains strong language. A video entitled “Racism Is Alive And Well” was posted on popular social media website Reddit early Wednesday morning.

The woman in the video is throwing racist slurs at a man, while her children are onlooking at this very disgusting interaction. Using the “N-word” more than twice during her rant, at one point in the video she even stares straight into the camera and says it again.

It’s been shot by a man sitting in what appears to be his car in a parking. He is speaking to a woman who can be seen throwing racist slurs towards him. What's more heart-wrenching is what this woman's children are taking in from all of this.

One Redditor commented, “Two small children seeing the most significant person in their life going crazy at a guy who does not look like them. They probably don't know what’s actually happening but it is a sure bet that at some level they blame him and want their mother to be safe.”

Another wrote: “Teaching her kids to hate based on color or anything else as stupid as that!?”

The man who posted it claims that the woman started yelling at him because he “started his car.”

“This happened to me last Friday May 30th 2014. I'm more upset that it was done in front of her children. They will have hate and have no idea where it came from,” he wrote in his YouTube description.

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