Blood Red Rain: Scientist Believes It Points To New Life

A mysterious phenomenon called blood rain or red rain is a rare occurrence in which it seems to be raining blood. Scientists are claiming that the blood rain has cells and may be proof to new life.

Cases of blood rain have been reported since the 8th century BC and have been recorded in many different parts of the world, according to Wikipedia. Over the past couple hundred year’s people have moved away from supernatural explanations for the red rain replacing them with natural causes for it. Many now believe that this blood rain phenomenon is just an urban legend. Or is it?

One of the most recent reports of blood rain occurred in Sri Lanka in 2012. It rained on and off for 60 days straight. The people were forced to stay inside due to the red rain and were concerned their drinking water was contaminated. People believed the rain was red because of the red dust. Investigators took a closer look at the water and began comparing it to older reports.

When scientists looked at the so-called blood rain what they found was shocking. An Indian physicist named Professor Godfrey Lewis explained, “It’s very clear from the images that they are not dust particles.” However, Professor Lewis also discovered that the supposed blood in the rain did not have DNA. The mystery about what he did find is that even though it does not have DNA the cells are in fact multiplying. “It is a new kind of life form,” declared Lewis.

Many other scientists have spoken against Professor Lewis’ claims about the blood rain, giving their own natural explanations for the appearance of the rain. Whether it is supernatural or natural is still not determined exactly why the rain is red.

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