8 Optical Illusions Created Through Nothing But Body Paint

May, 13, 2014: Talented artist Trina Merry creates illusions which are out of this world though body painting.

The photographic niche of body painting had been lacking the creative spark, but not anymore. A San Francisco-based fine art body painter named Trina Merry has freshened up the scene with her unique photography.

What you see down below might seem one thing, but they are actually totally another.  

Take a look at this one from example. At first, it seems that the image has a woman riding a motor bike. But if you zoom in and look closely, the pretty lady is simply sitting on a bunch of people who have been painted and positioned in such a way that they portray the image of a real heavy bike.

The positioning of camera, lightening effects and meticulous planning has made such a click possible.

The trio of motor bike photos is a part of her "Human Motorcycle Project” which she launched in support of the International Motorcycle Roadshow tour.

She then cranked it up a notch by making a Fiat 500 Abarth – again out of painted human bodies.

The reflection of this Human Temple might prevent you from paying attention to the fact that the temple is all made of painted human bodies.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Another rendition of the world's most photographed bridge in the world on a trio of models.

You can check out more of Trina Merry's work on her Facebook page or her official website.

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