Children Born On 9/11 Talk About The Power Of Doing Good In New PSA

Kids with an infamous birthday - 9/11/01 - are determined to turn hate into love.

The shocking attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were some of the worst events to take place in recent history. The terrorist attack claimed around 3,000 precious lives and scarred many others.

However, while some people lost their families and friends, others made way into the world around the same time, bringing with them a ray of hope.

Over 13,000 children were born on Sept. 11, 2001. Despite being aware of the horrors associated with their birthday, nothing stops these kids from believing in the countless possibilities the world holds for them as well as in the power of good deeds.

They believe that the only way out of problems in life is to look for the best in things. Participating in a social campaign to commemorate 9/11 events this year, these children are calling on all Americans to do at least one good deed that day.

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“Doing something good makes me realize I have the power to change things and that there’s really nothing stopping me. It’s sort of become a part of who I am,” says 14-year-old Hillary in the video.

You can watch the complete inspirational PSA in the YouTube link above.

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