Boston Comedian Fails To Give Out Free Money In Hilarious Video

Decide for yourself if you would have accepted the free money while watching this hilarious video.

A comedian from fatawesome took to the streets of Boston yesterday in an attempt to give away free money to passing citizens. The man walked around a crowded Boston park, holding a single dollar bill. He did everything he could to offer free money to anyone that would take it, but was unable to give it away for hours. Decide for yourself if you would have accepted the free money while watching this hilarious video.

It’s easy to say that you would have taken the man’s money without a problem, but there are a number of fair reasons why so many Boston citizens would decline the man’s generous offer. First off, he was holding a clipboard the entire time. A clipboard is a universal sign for “I’m going to want you to sign something that you don’t really want to sign”. The man may have said there was no catch to the money, but most onlookers suspected that attached to that “free” dollar would be an once-in-a-lifetime chance to save dolphins, or refinance a housing loan.

Second: one dollar? I know Youtube celebs don’t rake in the cash, but all he could offer was a single dollar? This here is what we call basic economic risk/reward. Bostonians in the video don’t know where that dollar has been, and they don’t know why it’s being offered. The potential economic upside isn’t worth the potential risk. Once one dollar failed, Mr. Moneybags here should have upped his game by offering 5, 10, even 20 bucks for free.

And finally, I have a personal bone to pick with the man regarding how he treats the young lady who does accept his dollar. She is the one person willing to make his dream a reality, and all he can do is tell her to “get out of here”? That’s some lousy customer service right there. I bet if you search fatawesome’s free-dollar Yelp page you will see some highly negative reviews.

The man’s failure to give away a dollar rests with him. It’s passive and unbecoming to blame the fine citizens of Boston for rejecting such a poorly-run operation. The market speaks, and it’s fatawesome’s job to listen.

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