11-Year-Old Fights Bullying By Reading Mean Youtube Comments Out Loud

It's easy enough to make a casual, cruel comment when you don't know who you're hurting on the other end. But what about looking the consequences in the face?

The Fairbanks father-son duo came into YouTube fame through a number of prank videos, in which dad Josh records the harmless tricks he plays on 11-year-old Logan. But this visibility has come with an unfortunate downside—it's exposed young Logan, already the target of bullying in his daily life, to the intense cruelty of the nameless denizens of the Internet.

So in this new video—a departure from the channel's typical cheer and humor—young Logan makes a stand that is both immensely brave and heartbreaking to watch. He willingly exposes himself to the comments that have been written about him, reads them aloud, and compels viewers to face the ugliness and consequences of their words.

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As a society, we've perhaps become desensitized to such casual cruelties, but the video jars viewers out of any such complacency. “Insensitive” does not suffice as a descriptor. The comments are dehumanizing, eagerly vicious.

“I hope that he dies.”

“Retard alert.”

“Squeal, piggy, squeal.

bullying video, Logan Fairbanks

Logan says he's made this video to encourage people to stop bullying, and to remind the victims of bullying that words are just words. But you can see from the troubled look in the young boy's face, and the adult resignation in his voice, how deeply cut he is. And he just holds it together, remarkably brave.

Here's to Logan: already a better, braver person than the vast majority of the Internet. Hang in there, kid.

Logan Fairbanks

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