Wonderkid On Wheels Will Amaze You With Skating Limbo Tricks

Whoa! This daredevil skater squeezes under 39 cars in an unbelievable trick -- and he's only 6.

You have to see this one to believe it. 

Six-year-old Gagan Satish is a daredevil on wheels. The roller skating wunderkind bends his body into unbelievable contortions to limbo under 39 cars in 29.8 seconds flat. 

With his face just inches from the pavement zooming below him, Gagan squeezes under spaces just 18 inches high. But that's nothing -- this kid can get himself to 7 inches, or about the size of a glass Coke bottle.

Gagan, who lives in Bangalore, India, has roller skated for half of his life -- 3 years. His 39-car limbo trick nabbed him a spot in the India Book of Records. Now he's just waiting for Guinness World Records to acknowledge his feat.

In the meantime, what's 39 cars when you can go for an even 100? That's Gagan's next goal, and we can't wait to see that video.


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