Baby Sees Mom’s Twin For The First Time And Doesn’t Know Where To Look

Amna Shoaib
It's like "Inception" for 10-month-olds. For 10-month-old Felix, the concepts of reality, trust and relationships were just beginning to form when they were ruthlessly squandered by his aunt’s visit.

For most kids, an aunt or uncle’s visit would harbinger happier times: more pampering, less parental restrictions and a whole lot more candy. But Felix was in for a surprise because this was no ordinary aunt. This was his mom’s identical twin, who (of course) freaking looked EXACTLY like his own mom.

Felix is perplexed and then horrified with this woman who looks exactly like mommy and is dangerously close and is making this cooing sounds. His face is wrought with thousands of questions as his 10-month-old mind tries to work out the missing link, make sense this breach of reality.

We think it might be a long time before Felix starts trusting anyone again.