Boy Sneezes And Wipes His Snot On David Cameron (VIDEO)


This is hilariously crazy!

In the video above, David Cameron is apparently being interviewed on a street with lots people around him. Then a guy entered the frame and sneezed, not only he sneezed, he sneezed pretty close to Cameron. That’s fine, it’s okay to sneeze in front of the Prime Minister or for that matter anybody else, it’s just a natural thing but this guy, he sneezed and wiped his snot on David Cameron’s shoulder. OMG!

And probably he didn’t even realized what he did. How high one needs to be to do this!

Cameron didn’t react but his smile said it all. What a patient man he is.

The video is back from 2008 but it just started trending after being posted on Reddit.

Check out the hilarious video above.

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