Fierce 11-Year-Old Girl Uses Sling Bow To Yank Her Tooth

Of all the boss ways to pull a loose tooth, Alexis Davidson found the best.

Most children patiently wait for their tooth to fall out, or give time a little help with biting into an apple or wiggling the tooth around. Alexis Davidson is not one of those children.

When 11-year-old Alexis noticed she had a loose tooth, she didn't wait for it to fall out on its own time. Instead, Alexis attached a thread to her tooth and to a sling bow arrow and let that arrow fly.

Slow motion footage taken by her father Jason McDonald shows Alexis pulling the bow back and letting go as the tooth flies out of her mouth. The Tooth Fairy has to be impressed with this one.

According to Alexis' father, "Since it has happened, Alexis gets [a] lot of people telling her how brave she is and how they wouldn't have tried it." Well, we would agree because this is the most badass thing we’ve seen today!