What Did This Pig Say To Death? Not Today!

He may have a lot of fat on his body, but certainly not on his brain.

Chimpanzees have long been regarded as the most intelligent species after humans, but a pig might disagree with this scientifically backed belief.

The newest animal-centric video making the rounds on the Internet is of a pig who successfully escaped from a truck that was carrying it to the slaughterhouse with the rest of its buddies.

The clip begins with the pig's head popping up at the back of the lorry. He then climbs over something – probably a fellow pig – to jump out of the moving vehicle.

The landing is extremely awkward. In fact, he falls head first on the road, but thanks to his stocky, fatty body, suffers no permanent damage. The brave pig does look a bit groggy though. However, he manages to stand up almost instantly.

It remains unknown what happened to him next as the video ends abruptly. We hope that his pork-loving captors don’t come looking for him because the kind of bravery he showed, this pig definitely deserves to see another day.

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