Breaking Bad: Animated Version Of Badger's Star Trek Script From Last Night's Episode (VIDEO)


The world of internet is fast and furious. Why?

Well, if you watched Breaking Bad’s episode last night and remember Badger’s unwritten Star Trek script, then you’d be surprised to know there is already an ‘animated’ version available of the entire thing, put together by a die-hard fan and viewer Matt Czap.

Isn’t it amazing?

And what’s even more incredible is the fact that the video (uploaded on YouTube) has gone viral over the internet within hours!

Czap’s animated version is just crazy. The pie-eating contest finds Chekov’s guts floating in space! Yes, it’s that insane.

But it’s out there. So do check out the animated version of Badger’s Star Trek script in the video above if you are a Breaking Bad fan (and watched the last night’s episode).

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