INSPIRING: Cancer Patient Having A Pre-Surgery Dance Party Will Make Your Day

June 30, 2014: This woman is definitely an inspiration.

Doreta Norris, a 52-year-old cancer patient at Piedmont Healthcare in Georgia, stepped out of her room as she walked through the hospital corridors to the operating room for a double mastectomy.

She was understandably anxious about her upcoming surgery, but what happened a few moments later changed everything.

The hospital staff and doctors had planned a little surprise dance party for Norris. Lining both sides of the hall, the entire operating team erupted into an impromptu performance to 2012 hit “Gangnam Style” as soon as the unsuspecting patient entered the passage.

"I heard the music playing and began to dance. It was an emotional dance,” Norris said according to an official statement released by Piedmont.

“Staff came up to hug me, dance with me and give me words of encouragement. I truly felt like I could conquer the world.”

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The dance was inspired by a 2013 viral video of another patient Deborah Cohan, who had a pre-operation flash mob in her room right before a double mastectomy.

Norris has wanted to "dance the cancer away, too."

"The hospital staff could have given me medications, wheeled me into the operating room on a stretcher and that would be that," she said.

"But the staff at Piedmont Henry cared about me, acknowledged my struggle and helped me overcome a difficult time."

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According to the hospital sources, Norris is now cancer-free. As she recovers from her surgery, she hopes she can dance again soon.

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