Breathtaking Footage Of The English Coast Captured Using Just A GoPro & A Quadcopter

Using nothing but a self made quadcopter and a GoPro camera a video enthusiast shared this breath taking view of the English Coast.

This is a brilliant video made not by an expert but just a video enthusiast using a quadcopter he built himself and a GoPro camera.

The guy behind the breathtaking video, Mon0bLE rightfully calls this “The best thing I’ve ever filmed.”

He says he made the video standing by his hotel window in North Cornwall coast of England, without editing the footage too much beyond the basic cuts. The music you will notice is apt for the scenery and really makes the difference, engrossing you in the stunning imagery.

More and more videos are being made using GoPro cameras and attaching them to a quadcopter only increases the quality as well as reach; and in this case; the thrill of the footage captured.

He shared the photograph of the equipment he used online:


It is indeed an expensive hobby, but then, some things are worth the expense aren’t they?

Mon0bLE says, “There's no denying it's an expensive hobby, but I hope to recover some of the cost in the future by selling footage and services.” But he also admits that “in the wrong hands these things can be lethal. By building your own platform, you're forced to understand every little aspect of what you're putting in the air, and know what can go wrong. I'd prefer if this hobby didn't become commercialized…

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