On Top Of a 110 Meter Tall Bridge, This Insane Daredevil Thought of Doing Back Flips

English daredevil James Kingston has done the unthinkable once again.

Climbing a skyscraper with your bare hands is one thing, but performing a difficult acrobatic move at such a great height is another. And this is exactly what British stunt daredevil James Kingston did – with great ease we may add. The video of his feat has popped up online.

The said stunt artist and his pal performed this latest act of craziness on a bridge in Ukraine. With GoPro cameras mounted on their heads, the two first climbed to the top of the structure –from where the cars below looked smaller than miniature ones.

Ignoring the fact that even the slightest imbalance could send him plummeting hundreds of feet, Kingston performed a back flip on a very narrow bridgehead.

Oh, and by the way, before this crazy stunt, there was also the slight matter of the other unnamed guy hanging in the air with nothing but Kingston's hand between life and instant, violent death.

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