Man Appears On "University Challenge" In A Vest And Britain Goes Crazy

Forget about his intellectual prowess – this "University Challenge" contestant is getting major attention for his wardrobe.

University Challenge

A British quiz program, University Challenge, was going on with its affairs as usual until something caught the eye of social media users and took the Internet by storm.

Followers of the show were left shell-shocked when Kamil Shah, a contestant on the King’s College, Cambridge, team, showed up at the quiz in his vest coupled with a thick gold chain.

Shah's attire immediately gave away that he doesn't study fashion – he later revealed he studies history at his college.

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The BBC show hosted by Jeremy Paxman is well known for its modest dress code and people were surprised that Paxman actually tolerated someone turning up at the challenge in a leather vest.

Numerous tweets followed:

On the other hand, Shah landed himself some fans too, and had a few girls here and there drooling over him. Check these tweets out:

Check out a clip from the quiz above.

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