Man Takes HIs Leg On Epic Last Adventures Before Amputation

Joe Pleban sent his left leg off in style with an adventurous bucket list before amputation.

By now, bucket lists are old hat. Go ahead, swim with dolphins, run a marathon, fly in a hot air balloon. Snore.

But a bucket list for a leg? That's something we can get behind.

Joe Pleban had a choice. Keep his left leg and deal with the recurring tumors in his ankle, or amputate it and get to continue with the extreme sports he loves.

It wasn't much of a choice. Pleban went with amputation so he could continue to follow his passion. But first came the bucket list.

Before his June 25 amputation, Pleban went on a hilarious spree to give his left leg some last adventures, including very creative alternative amputations and one sassy tattoo. 

First came practicing for his new look:


Taking the leg to a music festival to meet Royal Teeth:


And Cherub:


Who needs surgery when you can find new ways to amputate? 


Taking his left leg skydiving: 


A little extra guidance for the docs with this great tattoo:


After amputation, the photos are still coming on strong:

Best wishes for your speedy recovery and return to the skies, slopes, water and anywhere else you can find adventure, Joe! 

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