Burned Kitten Goes On Cross-Country Adventure With Rescuer

Biker Pat Doody found the burned cat and decided to do something special for the animal.

A cat found with burns all over his body now has received a new life – thanks to a biker named Pat Doody.

Known as Party Cat, the poor creature was found by Doody with burns all over his body at a truck shop while he  was traveling from Nevada to New Jersey.

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“I was at this truck stop getting gas, and this little guy just needed help,” he told Revzilla.

The rescuer tucked Party Cat into his vest and set off on his bike, continuing his cross-country adventure with his new companion and documenting their trip on the Internet.

Pat Doody

Badly Burned Kitten Goes

Doody who described the cat as “so chill” has a YouTube channel and plans to make a video that will feature the feline and possibly their journey. Although his Instagram account is currently locked, the rescuer used his Tumblr account to post Party Cat’s adorable pictures.

Pat Doody

Party Cat, who was checked out by a vet, is recovering well and well on his way to becoming a social media star.

A cat found with burns

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