Watch Stunning Meteor Streak Illuminate The Night Sky In Thailand

Dash cam footage captures the dramatic moment a massive shooting space object turns darkness into light as it shoots across the night sky in Bangkok.

A large, mysterious ball of fire blazed through the skies over Bangkok, Thailand, on Monday, briefly turning the night sky into a dramatic shade of green.

Luckily, dash cam footage has captured the stunning moment when the suspected meteor streaked across the sky, burning brightly before disappearing out of sight. Although its appearance was brief, its light was clearly seen in over five other parts of the country at around 8:35 p.m. local time, according to The Bangkok Post.

"I could see it clearly in Chum Pphae district, Khon Kaen province. It's moving west," one witness tweeted, while another described how close it was to the Earth and its "near day brightness."

Since the apparent meteor is the second mysterious bright light to be seen in the Thai skies in recent months, the Thai Astronomical Society announced that the phenomenon was “expected” to be a meteor.

The video above shows the space rock coloring the sky green in Bangkok.

The flaming blob drew immediate attention on the social media and the dash cam footage soon went viral. However, the streets of Bangkok were not the only place where people had an extra set of lights to steer through a dark night.

Several witnessed a space body burning in the skies over all Central Europe, including Sweden and Germany, on Saturday. Multiple spectacular dash cam videos soon flooded the social media, causing significant hype on the Internet.

Watch the Polish night skies turn into day in the video below:

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