Bus Driver Finds 'Lucky' Penny, Wins Lotto Moments Later

For one bus driver, being superstitious paid off big time when he won the lottery after finding a 'lucky' penny.

A 49-year-old bus driver will never have to work again thanks to a lucky penny he found that led him to the 1.8 million euro jackpot (roughly $2.5 million U.S. dollars).

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Just moments before purchasing a ticket for the Lotto quadruple rollover, Sean Lloyd picked up a shiny penny he found outside a shop. After he bought the ticket, he rubbed the penny on it and later found out he won!

Sean Lloyd

Lloyd immediately quit his job by calling up his coworker and saying, “Can you cover my shifts? ...For the rest of my life!”

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Lloyd was able to buy his dream home in Ashton near Manchester, UK where he lives with his wife and children.

"Since finding the penny, and the lottery win, I have kept the penny safe in my wallet and often rub it on other lottery tickets I've bought as well as lending it to friends," Lloyd said. "It is still proving to be lucky - I've had lots more smaller wins since the big one earlier this year."

To pay it forward and hopefully bring luck to his friends and family, Lloyd has built a wishing well in the garden of his new home with a statue of the ‘lottery hand’

“Creating a lucky wishing well is something I just felt had to be done. I wanted to pay homage to my change in luck and have a bit of fun too. It is the first thing I see every morning when I wake up and open the curtains.”

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Although Lloyd no longer works as a bus operator, he returned to his old stomping grounds earlier this summer to hand out lottery tickets and let former coworkers and customers rub his lucky penny.  

Lloyd is showing us all that it actually pays to be superstitious! 

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