Watch Busta Rhymes Losing It At A Fan - VIDEO


Busta Rhymes may be getting older, but he’s never one to shy away from a fight, even if it’s with a woman.

The video shows him walking towards a bus, while the voices of bystanders, mostly women, can be heard asking, “Busta can we have a photo?” “Busta can we have a photo?”

When he keeps walking, the loudest of the lot can be heard saying, “Why, he’s so ignorant.”

That stops Busta in his tracks; he turns around with an astonished look on his face and gives the lady a tongue-lashing.

“You calling me ignorant? You calling me ignorant? Why would you do that? You are such an inconsiderate B*&^h!”

“Since when do I need your permission to take a shit?” he says.

You can hear the woman whining throughout, saying, “There are children here, there are children here.’

“You just think it’s ok to call me whatever you want, is that what you think?” asked Busta, clearly riled up by the woman’s remarks.

“Give respect to people and you get respect back, you understand?”

“I didn’t call none of you no names. I come to the bathroom you call me ignorant. Wow… some appreciation. “

With that, he turns around and carries on. You can hear the woman saying  off camera, “How can you appreciate language like that in front of children?”

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