Surfer And Sea Lion Pup Buddy Up For A Ride-Along In The Waves

Well this is adorable. Their beastly name might suggest that sea lions are fierce, man-eating animals, but they're actually quite cool, as one surfer recently found out.

Sea Lion Catches Ride with Surfer

On Sunday, Dan Murphy was surfing off the coast of San Diego in Southern California when something touched him from behind. His first thought naturally was that he was being attacked, but when he turned he saw a cute sea lion pup hugging him.

Sea lion pup climbs on San Diego surfer's

Murphy, a veteran surfer, didn't freak out and let the scared pup ride his plankboard. Twenty minutes later, the pup crawled up front and into his lap just like a dog would. The baby mammal rode the waves with its new human friend for an hour and wanted to keep his company, but then it was time for Murphy to leave. Hence, he had no choice but to remove the pup from his board with a heavy heart.

"I was literally in tears... I waved to him," he recalled in an interview with NBC. "He spent well over an hour on my board... you see those pups around this time of year, [but] I’ve never seen them interact with people like that."

Sea lion bites 5-year-old boy at San Diego-area beach

Nearby surfers couldn't believe their eyes how comfortable the pup was in Murphy's company. They took photos and posted them on social media, and once again, people found this sea lion/human bonding unreal.

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California is currently experiencing a sea lion pup crisis as thousands of baby mammals have suddenly showed up sick and in poor health on the beaches. If there was ever a time when these cute creatures needed our love and care, it is now.

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