Combine Fantasy With Foliage And You Get These Amazing Sculptures

May, 29, 2014: The Imaginary Worlds exhibition in Atlanta combines fantasy and foliage to deliver an amazing experience for plant lovers.

Wax museums are old, and the robotic theme parks are losing their charm. So, what's hot for fans of giant, lifelike sculptures? Enter mosaiculture!

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is currently holding an exhibition called “Imaginary Worlds” where ginormous sculptures of animals and superhuman figures have been installed for public display. The colors of the foliage and the shapes they represent have made these botanical offerings one of a kind in the world. Check them out:

The Earth Goddess reigns in the Cascades Garden


Cobras tower overhead


Gorillas rule Storza Woods

A pink Unicorn grazes..


Frogs chill in front of Midtown

Giant Berries watch over the Edible Garden...


The Shaggy Dog greets visitors at the door...


Dancing Fish spout water.


Daytime view of the Earth Goddess

This botanical artwork is a result of both artistic vision as well as botanical nurturing, and each of them needed months of hard work to look like that. It's pertinent to mention here that actual living plants have been used for this purpose so that they look fresh, because this exhibition is going to last until October.

So, if you're looking for new spots to visit in the upcoming vacations, don't look any further than the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

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