Meet The Most Fearless Girl In The World VIDEO

This incredibly talented Red Panda Acrobat, Krystal Liu, flips five bowls onto her head while riding a seven-foot unicycle apparently during a halftime show at Ohio State University basketball game.

Although the original video was posted on YouTube in 2009, it just garnered the attention of the internet after a user uploaded the video on popular microblogging website Reddit.

Liu also appeared on America’s Got Talent this year. Click here to watch her profile.

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Here are some of the best reactions from Redditors:


"she's going to throw bowls onto her head while on a unicycle, cool!"

"wait, she's gonna use her foot? awesome!"

"wait, more than one at once? no way..."

"wait, stacked in alternate order? what? i don't even..."



His reminds me of how much of an untalented, out of shape, piece of sh*t I am.


That just doesn't seem possible to do consistently enough to be able to perform it in front of a crowd. I just saw it and I still don't believe it. Absolutely amazing.


Yeah, all that plate stuff was mediocre.

Landing on high heels though. That's Impressive


Ok she should definitely be paid more than $15 an hour.

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