Can You Tell What's Unique About This Photo?

Bet you can't find what's different about this photo.

Take a look at this photo:


victorian, victorian photo, photo, what's different

Can you tell what's weird about this photo?


Here's a hint: There are dead people in this photo.


How do you know who is dead, though?


Well, the mother looks a little out of it...


And the father looks like his eyes are hazy...


In fact, the only one that looks alive is the daughter, with so much clarity in her face and body.


So, who do you think it is?


Here's another hint: Back in the Victorian era, when this photo was taken, cameras did not have very fast shutter speeds as they do now.


victorian, victorian era, photo

Okay, that's your last hint.


Do you know who is dead and who is alive?


Scroll down to see the answer:





















Answer: The daughter is dead, and the parents are alive. Because of the extremely slow shutter speeds of cameras during that time, any little movement a person would make while posing for a picture would make the image appear a bit blurry. That's why the daughter's image is so clear. Because she was dead, she was obviously completely still, and made no movements whatsoever.

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