Canadian Couple's Divorce Selfie Shows A Breakup Done Right

One couple makes the internet believe that even divorce can be beautiful.

A Canadian couple's overtly happy #DivorceSelfie has gone viral as people are both fascinated and disturbed about how a divorce — one of the most dreaded circumstances in the world — can be a celebratory occasion. 


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Chris and Shannon Neuman made a difficult decision to dissolve their marriage, but they still have children to raise and thus wanted to have an amicable split for their sake.

How noble of them, right?!

Of course, divorce is difficult for all parties involved no matter how many cheesy pictures you take...but Shannon's heartfelt Facebook post accompanying the photo explains she and her new ex-husband's rationale. 

Shannon Neuman, Divorce Selfie

The photo was shared more than 30,000 times on Facebook since it was originally posted and several friends and followers are applauding the Neumans' poised way of handling their divorce.

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But no reaction beats that of the divorcee himself, Mr. Chris Neuman. 

Divorce Selfie, Chris Neuman

Divorce may not be beautiful, but the Neumans are proving that it doesn't have to be ugly either. 

The Neumans aren't the first couple to make #DivorceSelfie happen. Apparently, on Instagram it's already been a thing! 


#divorceselfie we still make a great team. Glad to be friends.

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