Islamophobes Will Think Twice Before Abusing Muslims Watching This Video

Go Canadians! To see how Canadians react to abusive Islamophobes, YouTuber Omar Albach came up with the idea of a social experiment.

“This is based on the events that happened in Ottawa,” says Albach in the video, referring to recent shooting in the Canadian capital that resulted in the death of one soldier Nathan Cirillo – as well as the attacker.

“We're going to see if people feel safe to be around Muslims or people that look like Muslims.”

The secretly staged scene involved one actor telling another wearing traditional Muslim attire that he can't board a bus. Immediately, a middle-aged man intervenes and confronts the racist, objecting to his inappropriate behavior.

“You know what? You can't stereotype and judge people by their clothes. Or their nationalities or anything else, you know what I mean?” the casually dressed white man can be heard saying.

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Finally, another man donning a baseball cap, who apparently had had enough of the abuse being hurled toward the Muslim man, punches the “racist” in the face.

Canadians React to Ottawa Shooting Racism

Speaking directly to the camera, the man who was portraying the xenophobe said:

“So er, the social experiment had a negative ending to it but, you know what? It's positive because he stood up for him and I appreciate that.

“It's good.”

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Albach's video is filmed in the city of Hamilton – the hometown of the slain soldier.

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