Mom Turns Kids With Cancer Into Disney Princesses With Magical Wigs

The suffering of cancer goes much beyond physical pain. It involves the emotional trauma of losing one’s hair and this mom understands the issue all too well.

For most cancer patients, the struggle goes way beyond what can be described in words when it comes to the emotional trauma of losing hair.

A former oncology nurse and mother of three, Holly Christensen, saw her friend’s daughter Lily go through the disease after she was diagnosed with lymphoma this year.

Watching Lily gave Christensen a brilliant idea and she decided to design a Rapunzel yarn wig for the child. She did so with the hope that it would not only protect Lily’s scalp, but also bring a smile on her face and distract her from the fact that she was losing hair.

"It lit a little fire inside me and I thought that perhaps I could start making these princess wigs and sending them to cancer centers around the country," Christensen told Mashable in an email.

After seeing how happy the wig made Lily, Christensen considered the possibility of making wigs on a larger scale and came up with the Magic Yarn Project. She teamed up with Bree Hitchock and a few volunteers, who now make wigs for kids with cancer and distribute them to hospitals and families with kids who have cancer.

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The group uses extra soft yarn to produce wigs that will suit the sensitive skin of kids battling the disease. People of all ages volunteer in the project and Christensen and her team regularly receive heartwarming messages about the work they are doing.

Those who can’t volunteer still candonate to the cause. A GoFundMe page has been set up to collect money so that more kids can benefit from the project.

"It has been absolutely touching to witness the little girls receive their wigs and see a little magic and sparkle come into their lives during such a hard time. It has also been equally touching to hear from individuals around the globe who want to put on their own workshops in their communities to make these wigs or who are even willing to donate money so we can purchase yarn," Christensen said.

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Here are some photos of the children affected by this act of humanity, and of people working for the project itself:


There is hardly a person today whose life has not been affected by cancer whether personally fighting it or watching...

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