Bungling Thief Tries To Steal Porsche In The Most Unconventional Way

The manhunt is on for the amateur crook who damaged two high-performance vehicles in London's wealthy Mayfair in the time span of 20 minutes.

Gone are the days of metal rods and wooden wedges — an unconventional car thief in London is only using a pocketknife to break into expensive cars.

Metropolitan police recently released CCTV footage of an unidentified car thief who tried to steal two Porsche sports cars in exclusive Mayfair, Central London.

The video shows the suspect approaching a red Porsche convertible that had reportedly broken down on Mill Street on Sept. 29. The man makes no effort to hide his face, and unlike usual run-of-the-mill crooks, draws a small knife and slashes a hole right through the convertible’s roof.

He then proceeds to climb inside the sports car, which has a list price of $136,485 for a new model, and after apparently failing to start the engine, calmly exits the car through the same gaping hole and strolls away from the camera.

Perhaps what is most interesting about this failed robbery is the fact that it all happened in less than one minute.

Sounds a little hard to believe, doesn’t it?

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car thief

In the plot reminiscent of Nicolas Cage’s Gone in 60 Seconds, a man matching the suspect’s description took out a lock knife and attempted to enter a parked gray Porsche Cayenne just 15 minutes later.

An hour later, the Metropolitan police received another call reporting a robbery at Oxford Street, and bizarrely enough, this burglar matched the exact description of the man who earlier damaged two supercars.

“A man, believed to be the same suspect, was seen trying to leave the shop with stolen trainers, a sports top and tracksuit bottoms,” the police spokesperson said in a statement. “When staff challenged the man he threatened them with a lock knife.”

Police is still looking for the suspect, whom they describe as a dark-haired black man in his 20s, about 6 feet tall with a dark beard.

Watch the bungling thief break into the car in video posted above.

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