Guys, That 'Compliment' On The Street Is Harassment And You're Going To Get Called Out

She's on a one-woman mission to let cat-callers know 'It's not a compliment. It's harassment.'

It's hard to fathom why guys think they have the right to comment (loudly!) on women's bodies on the street. One woman is holding a mirror up to this ignorant behavior, with video clips that show just how prevalent street harassment is. 

Cards Against Harassment is the brainchild of "Lindsey," an anonymous Minneapolis woman fighting back against comments tossed so regularly at women on the street.

"The street harassment my friends and I encounter tends to take the form of brief but frustrating interactions: comments made just as men pass by on the street, over so quickly you rarely have a chance to respond. Just as frustrating as the harassment itself is the feeling of powerlessness that comes with not having had a chance to defend yourself or convey how the harassment affects you."

Ladies, you know exactly what she's talking about. And guys, just ask any woman; this happens all. the. time.

Lindsey developed card women can hand out to street harassers that exposes their behavior for what it is: inappropriate and unwelcome. 

Naturally, the haters started hitting back almost immediately. All of the usual insults were there against Lindsey's sexual, threats to hurt her, accusations of being a man-hater (see her FAQ for an excellent takedown.) But with every video and tweet, she shows how street harassment hits at women. 

Head over to Cards Against Harassment to print your own. And in the meantime, take a look through Lindsey's YouTube channel to see the kinds of men she's confronting.

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