Cat GIFs Teach You How To Read Sheet Music

A musician has posted a selection of cat GIFs to describe notes on sheet music. They're actually pretty accurate.


Cat trilling

The average person may look at a piece of sheet music, and could swear they were reading Greek, or Chinese.  The notations are confusing to anyone untrained in music.  Luckily, someone decided to do these people a favor and explain how to read certain parts of sheet music using the Internet's most abundant singular source of media: Cat GIFs.  Surprsingly, the results are pretty accurate.

The musician, a trumpeter for the blog Trumpet Angst, decided to put up these GIFs to help explain the fine art of reading sheet music to his/her friends and followers.  Most of the notation used is stuff you would see in classical music all the time.  These include trills, repeat signs, and glissandos.  The blogger admits that his/her accuracy is not perfect, due to the nature of the GIFs themselves, but they reflect the spirit of what they are meant to notate.

Still, it is not exactly perfect.  Consider the first one, which is supposed to represent the sfz symbol, also known as sforzando.  It is more akin to popping a balloon than running into a stack of well placed cans.  Also the the second one, meant to describe a decrescendo, lacks the gradualness of the decrescendo, if only because the kitten just plops its head at the very end.

At the very least, however, these cat GIFs serve an educational purpose beyond that of describing a mood, a meme, or a situation one had with their ex or something.  If cat GIFs can be used to teach people something, then at the very least they can have some meaning other than showing that cat owners are really weird and over obsessed with their pets.

There are plenty of other bits of notation that can be described with cat GIFs, however.  I shall give an example.  Below is a so-called caesura.  It is essentially a pause, though not a complete pause, in the music's playing.  Enjoy.


A cat pauses

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