Cat Trapped In Wall For 5 Years Is Set Free

A cat in Cairo who has lived inside a wall for 5 years has finally been freed.

Uncle Abdo, Biso, Cat, Wall, Trapped

Biso, a cat that somehow got stuck inside a wall at a Cairo subway station, has been trapped for 5 years.

Now Biso has been freed, and his survival can be attributed to one man, Uncle Abdo.

Uncle Abdo had been taking care of Biso since he was a kitten, as well as other feline friends. When Biso crawled up into the wall and got stuck, Uncle Abdo continued to bring him food and water, which Biso was able to grab through a small space.

Maintenance crews have tried to encourage Biso into leaving his space, but he was too scared.

Then, when a photo of Biso's tail hanging out of the wall went viral, animal rights activists called for the maintenance crews to open up the wall so the cat could get out.

Biso, Uncle Abdo, Cat, Wall, Cairo, Trapped

As soon  the wall was open, Biso scurried away, without giving Uncle Abdo much of a chance to say goodbye.

Hopefully, Biso will come back soon enough to say thank you for keeping him alive for five years.


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