Cavs Fans Can’t Spell Dellavedova’s Name To Save Their Lives

Watch these “diehard” Cavaliers fans struggle to spell Dellavedova.

Hilarity ensues when a bunch of Cavalier fans fail to spell their star player’s name. Just looking at it, it doesn’t seem that hard, but it definitely is a mouthful.

Matthew Dellavedova, the Cavaliers new prized player, has been turning heads with his incredible game. Because of his impossible-to-spell name, he has been given the nickname “Delly” by his fans, and numerous memes have surfaced in his honor.



However, while everyone else seems to be loving them some Delly, Stephen Curry is reportedly “annoyed” by all the attention his opponent is receiving. Apparently, the Golden State Warriors were "pissed off" and "irked" by the media attention Dellavedova received after Game 3 of the NBA finals and the narrative of the Australian "locking down" the league's MVP. Though Dellavedova is certainly the current crowd favorite, is his defense really good enough to stop Curry? Only time will tell.

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