These celebrity tattoos are both weird and crazy

These tattoos have much to say about the celebrities they are on

Ranging from a rose on the bottom to crossing your ex-husband's name out, these are statements from celebrities that are sure to get some attention on their bodies. When Cheryl Cole showed her outrageous tattoo last year, it got even bigger world attention. She now shares it was part of her wish list when she contracted a life-threatening disease. 

Take that if you're ranting!

Celebrity tattoos

Here's Marilyn Monroe on Megan Fox. Megan Fox says her tattoos have a way of slapping right across the faces of those who told me not to."

Anything this guy does is cool!

Celebrity tattoos

This is one family guy! With at least 13 tattoos on him, they range from ones dedicated to his daughter, son and even mother.

And yet every thing about her is weird

Celebrity tattoos

Lady Gaga's tattoo is as weird as she is. What else can we say?

And you think you're over him?

Celebrity tattoos

Katie Price thinks she can get over Peter Andre by simply crossing out his name's tattoo. Says more about her sorry self than Andre?

Enough said

Celebrity tattoos

Cheryl Cole has a huge rose on her back side. We thought we would skip the image of her butt – there's always Google for that.

Who is this?

Celebrity tattoos

Amy winehouse's pinup girl on her arm probably did resemble her?

You won't like your strawberries any more

Celebrity tattoos

Audrina Patridge has a snake slithering around a strawberry on her neck. There can't be worse publicity for a favorite fruit.

The Rock knows well!

Celebrity tattoos

Strength, protection and loyalty to family are things close to Dwayne Johnson. His tattoo tells the same story.

You wanna know every thing about this guy

Celebrity tattoos

From his soccer life to his family life, you wanna know all about this guy, so why not his tattoos too? David Beckham says that he "expresses [his] feelings through tattoos." You'd hope so does every one else?

Celebrity tattoos

This is when it goes totally wrong

The placement of it might look nice, but Hayden Panittiere likes the tattoo to be on her back so she doesn't have to stare at the spelling error in it. In Italian, "to live without regrets" was not copy edited well.

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