Charming Grandpa Uses Tinder To Go On Dates [VIDEO]

Ethan Cole gets his 89-year old Grandpa to go on Tinder dates. The reactions from the women are priceless.

Grandfather Goes on TINDER Dates

This 89-year old man decides to try out a modern technique to try his hand with luck. He sets up a Tinder profile and surprises younger women on dates. The result is charming and little bit awkward.

The whole experiment was actually set up by his grandson Ethan Cole who asked his grandpa to try it out, and maybe even be his wing-man on these dates.

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One woman tells him that she primarily sells dildos. Another woman asks him to rap. One woman is clearly uncomfortable and tries to leave. The others just take it in stride and laugh at the situation. 

Check out the video below. 

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