The Japanese Are Deep Frying Canada's National Symbol

Fried maple leaves? Yum! While the maple leaf is a symbol of national pride for Canadians, in Japan it is a newly cooked delicacy.

Maple Leaves

Chefs over in Osaka have invented a new seasonal snack, the primary ingredient of which is maple leaves. It's pretty straightforward to cook, too, as it involves simply dipping the red leaves into sweetened tempura batter and deep-frying them until the coating turns golden or dark brown.

Since maple leafs don't have any taste of their own, another recipe involves preserving them in salt barrels for a year so they could borrow some saltiness from the mineral.

The maple leaf was first adopted as an emblem by Canada's French contingent at the start of the eighteenth century. By mid-19th century, it had become the country's symbolic identity, and has enjoyed that status ever since. But despite such long and historical association with the leaf, Canadians never thought about eating it, until the Japanese connoisseurs showed them how.

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maple leaves

maple leaves

maple leaves

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