Cross Between A Waffle and Donut? We’ll Have One, Please

It’s the marriage of tasty with tastier. It’s the tastiest!

Mix a waffle and donut and what do you get, besides epic?

A Wonut!


Thrillist  tells us the waffles are deep-fried in vegetable shortening and plunged in heart-attack inducing ingredients. These ingredients are sugar, marshmallow, maple, and chocolate glazes. Finish it off by sprinkling some bits of chocolate, sprinkles, and granola and behold a wonut!

brownie and a cookie

This is not the first genius hybrid food to have sprung to life. We have seen plenty of delightful food fusions, from the pop tart and ice cream sandwich to the mac and cheese burger, pretzel croissants, red velvet pancakes, pizza muffins and brookies (brownie and a cookie)

brownie and a cookie


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